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Recruitment and Selection

At PTC Recruitment, we take a proactive approach to headhunting, sourcing new candidates every day to ensure our range of validated candidates is constantly enriched. We understand that each client is unique and that a candidate who may be suitable for one role may not be suitable for another.

Our team of recruitment specialists goes beyond the CV to analyze each profile, taking into account soft skills to ensure true suitability for the vacancy. We also stay in touch with our partners and candidates to readjust the recruitment strategy and ensure customer and candidate satisfaction.



We complement the traditional recruitment process by using the DISC tool to assess the behavioral profile and observable emotions.

This helps us to identify the strengths and qualities of the candidate aiding in the selection process and understanding if they might be an ideal fit for the team and organization they will be joining.

By doing this, we can reduce any potential bias in the evaluation process.


At PTC Recruitment, we offer an Outplacement service to companies who wish to support their employees who are in the process of being dismissed from their roles. Our comprehensive approach includes assessing motivations, evaluating competencies, and providing personalized guidance and support.

We also help the candidates to prepare for job interviews, equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge about the company and job vacancy.

Our experienced team will ensure a total follow-up, from the initial stage of disengagement to successful integration into the new project, in order to give each person the best chance of success in this dynamic market.

Interim Management

Interim Management

We combine our extensive database with knowledge of the market and its needs, and we have a network of candidates/consultants available and able to take on Engineering, IT, Procurement, and HR projects effectively.

They are senior professionals, mostly with 30 or more years of experience, who dedicate themselves to occupying positions on a temporary basis and bringing to completion projects outlined over time, with concrete and very clear objectives.


Combining our comprehensive database with market insights and needs, we have a network of candidates/consultants available and able to take on Engineering, IT, Purchasing, and HR projects effectively. 

They are highly experienced senior professionals, typically with 30+ years of experience, dedicated to taking on temporary positions and completing projects on time with clear and definite objectives. 

Career Management

Career Management

Our team, which specialized in human resources solutions, in particular recruitment, outsourcing, and training, will be your partner in identifying a new professional challenge, whether in your current company or in a new organization.

We will provide support throughout the journey, beginning with forming the strategy that best suits your profile, motivations, and goals, tackling any restrictions and obstacles identified, and investing in skills development and requalification of key competencies.

We will support the analysis of companies and proposals, as well as in the simulation of interviews, in order to prepare you for the recruitment process and for your 1st day in your new role.

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