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2023 employment statistics for Europe

According to Eurostat, the unemployment rate in the European Union (EU) in February 2023 was 6.5%, down from 7.4% in February 2022. The youth unemployment rate (those under 25 years old) in the EU was 14.6% in February 2023, down from 16.2% in February 2022.

In terms of gender, the unemployment rate for men in the EU was 6.2% in February 2023, while for women it was 6.9%.

Among EU countries, the lowest unemployment rates in February 2023 were recorded in the Czech Republic (2.2%), Malta (2.4%), and Germany (2.5%), while the highest were in Greece (16.6%), Spain (14.1%), and Italy (10.5%).

It’s worth noting that these statistics are subject to change and can vary depending on the source and methodology used.

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